Effective Pain Treatment

Pain Treatment at Nerve 2.0

Whether you are suffering from chronic, acute, or occasional pain, our approach to pain relief is individually customized so that you can get back to living your best life.

Nerve 2.0 Health and Wellness in Mesa is operated by Julie Zafuto, Nurse Practitioner, who is compassionate, caring, and able to employ a variety of effective, non-opioid-based pain relief treatments designed to help you on your road to recovery.

Jogger shown with back pain while stopping to rest during a run

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Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain can be some of the most debilitating pain. Julie Zafuto, Nurse Practitioner, understands how difficult it can be to maintain a high quality of life while suffering. Therefore, she is committed to helping you find safe and effective pain relief treatments that may offer actual relief.


Julie administers several types of injections that may help patients find the pain relief they seek. Injectable pain relief treatments offered by Nerve 2.0 include Hip and Large Joints Injections, BOTOX for Migraines, Trigger Point Injections, Occipital Nerve Blocks, and B12/Toradol/Kenalog IM Injections.


Julie Zafuto, Nurse Practitioner, provides neuropathy treatment through the use of an RST-SANEXAS neoGEN® device. This FDA-cleared treatment quantum-based medical treatment is administered after assessing your individual needs to develop your customized treatment plan.

Carpal Tunnel

The pain associated with Carpal Tunnel can limit your ability to enjoy everyday activities. At Nerve 2.0, we understand that you need to find an effective, non-surgical treatment to get you back in the game (whether that’s at work or play), and we’ll create a custom treatment plan just for you.

Customized Treatment

Your customized treatment plan may include recommendations and help with weight loss, obtaining hormonal balance, Neutraceuticals, or employing other pain management treatments. After all, it is our mission to help you attain your best health and wellness.

Nerve 2.0 Wellness Center

We are committed to offering our patients the newest and most innovative technology and treatments to provide accurate diagnosis and pain relief with minimal risk and maximum results. We’ll deliver these services all in our state-of-the-art, comfortable, and friendly office in Mesa, AZ. Call us at (480) 567-9789 to make your appointment today!